Why new Madeleine McCann update could give ‘fresh hopes’ to her parents

There’s an unexpected update in the Madeleine McCann case and we are all still praying for her.
The case of Madeleine McCann has shaken not only the country but the entire world and although it has been years since then 4-year-old Madeleine went missing from an apartment in Praia da Luz, in Portugal, while her parents were out having dinner, her case is still considered to be “the most heavily reported missing-person case in modern history.”

Sadly, 15 years later, no one knows where Madeleine could be or whether she’s still alive, although her parents and her family never lost hope of ever seeing her again.

On May 12, 2022, what would have been her 18th birthday, her devastated parents shared a heart-wrenching message. “We love you and we’re waiting for you and we’re never going to give up.”

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