Tragic Loss: Beloved Boston Red Sox Pitcher’s Widow Passes Away Just 5 Months After His Death

On October‍ 1, 2023, the‌ Boston Red Sox, through their official account⁣ on X (formerly‍ known⁤ as Twitter), shared the heartbreaking news of the passing of one of their former players,‌ Tim Wakefield. The 57-year-old pitcher had lost his ⁣battle‌ with brain cancer.

Sadly, less than five‍ months later, the Wakefield family was struck with another devastating ‍loss. Tim’s widow, Stacy Wakefield, also ⁢passed away. Once again, the Red Sox took to X to announce the tragic news, this time through a statement written by Stacy’s family.

According to ​the statement, Stacy passed⁤ away at her home in Massachusetts, surrounded by her loved ones and caretakers. Her family described her ⁣death as “unimaginable,” especially⁢ since they were still ‌mourning the ​loss ​of Tim.⁣ “Our hearts ‍are shattered,” they wrote.

Stacy’s family fondly remembers her as a strong, loving, and kind person. They find solace in the fact that she will now be reunited with Tim, the love of her life. The statement also expressed gratitude towards ⁢the doctors, nurses, and caretakers who ​had been by Stacy’s side⁢ since⁣ her diagnosis. “We‍ will forever​ be‍ grateful for your unwavering care and support,” they wrote.

While⁣ the statement did not⁤ mention the cause of Stacy’s ‍death, Spectrum News​ reported that ​she had succumbed to ⁤pancreatic ⁣cancer. This unconfirmed cause of death⁣ was revealed‍ by Tim’s former Red Sox ⁢teammate, Curt Shilling, during a podcast recorded just days before⁣ Tim’s passing. Curt had​ announced that Tim was battling brain cancer, while⁤ Stacy was fighting pancreatic cancer.

According⁤ to TODAY, Stacy leaves behind two children, Brianna and Trevor. She was ⁢only 53 years old. To learn more about this​ tragic news from the Wakefield family, watch⁢ the video below.

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