“Salma Hayek Pays Tribute to Late Co-Star Alec Musser: A Fond Farewell to a Comedic Talent”

Following the unexpected dying of her co-star Alec Musser, the perfectly-recognised actress Salma Hayek turned to Instagram to submit a heartfelt homage to her buddy and colleague. The honest letter, which was accompanied by a clip from their comedy movie “Grown Ups,” authorized Musser to reveal his apparent comedic prowess and charming personality.

Musser’s close kinds were still left struggling with unhappiness right after hearing the news of his passing on January 13, which transpired at the age of fifty. The news sent shockwaves across his circle.Hayek expressed her deep sorrow about the awful decline that Musser’s untimely passing has introduced about in her tribute, in which she lovingly regarded Musser as a man or woman who was perfectly-mannered, professional, and hilariously humorous.

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