Caitlyn Jenner Pays Tribute to Mother, Esther Jenner, One Day After She Passed Away

Friday, the 73-year-old Olympic gold medalist shared a photo on Instagram of her speaking during Esther’s funeral. Esther died on April 20 at age 96. “I spoke at my moms memorial service yesterday. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do,” Caitlyn captioned the post. “I miss her terribly every day. She is loved and missed and in a better place.”

In the comment section, Jenner’s son Brandon Jenner remembered his grandmother as “an amazing woman.” “So glad I got to say a last goodbye over the phone,” he wrote. “I’ll remember many moments, but, one of my favorites will always be when she told me, among the billowing smoke in her condo, ‘it’s not the cigarettes that will kill you, it’s the filters that will kill you.’” Brandon, 41, added, “She rolled her own her whole life till 96 years old. She may have been on to something? See you in the other side Grandma.” aitlyn’s daughter Kylie Jenner also responded with a string of white heart emojis.

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