Little girl poses with Clydesdale but the photo turns out to be the ultimate photobomb

Dad snaps a photo of his little girl, but when the camera zooms out and he looks closer, he can't stop laughing...

We can never get enough of all those cool and fun photobombed photos that are shared online every now and then. Well, to be honest, the one involving animals are definitely the best ones there are, don’t you agree?

One such photo, which first emerged on Reddit and was posted by an account that has since been deleted, caught the internet by storm. The great thing is that Time Magazine was quick to re-share it when someone that goes by the name The Wolf 101.5 FM on Facebook posted it. They didn’t write any specifics about when the photo was taken or who took it, they just knew people would love it so very much.

The famous photo, which BuzzFeed named the best photobomb of 2016, involves a little girl and a gorgeous Clydesdale.

Source: Facebook/ The Wolf 101.5 FM

Clydesdales are famous for their exceptional elegance and beauty. This breed of horses has been used for promotions and commercials of Budweizer.

This time, as the little girl was posing next to a Clydesdale, the horse put a huge smile on its face and made the photo one of the best photobombs.

It received huge attention and thousands of comments.

Source: Facebook/ The Wolf 101.5 FM

Be sure to scroll down to see one of the original posts. It will definitely make your day!

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